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Polynesia... the charm of the islands of dreams and love!



Travel to French Polynesia

The 118 islands of French Polynesia are specks in the vast South Pacific Ocean. They are divided into five groups: the Society Islands, the Tuamotus, the Marquesas, the Australs and the Gambiers.

Society Archipelago - Polynesia

The Society Archipelago is itself divided up into 2 parts: the "Windward Islands", consisting of 4 high islands including Tahiti, itself divided into 2 islands, Tahiti Nui the large one, and Tahiti Iti, the small one, Moorea and Tetiaora; the "Leeward Islands", that include Huahine, Bora Bora, Raiatea/Tahaa and Maupiti.

Tuamotu Archipelago

The Tuamotu Archipelago to the east of Society archipelago is the largest of all with a surface area of 600 sq. miles. It consists of 80 atolls, ring shaped coral islands surrounding a lagoon. Rangiroa is the widest atoll of this archipelago with those of Manihi, Fakarava and Tikehau being the main ones.

Marquesas Archipelago - Polynesia

Farther from a continental landfall than any other group of islands on earth, the Marquesas jut out of the open Pacific just south of the equator, shrouded in constant cloud cover. Brooding volcanic pinnacles pierce the landscape, while the lush vegetation overflows with sweet-smelling bougainvillea and orchids.

Austral Archipelago - Polynesia

The Austral Archipelago consists of 5 high islands south of Tahiti with a distance of 160 to 230 km separating them. These high islands with a sharp mountainous relief are surrounded by a coral reef either at the coast level itself, a fringing reef or at the ocean level, a barrier reef. The farthest islands from Tahiti.

Gambier Archipelago - Polynesia

The Gambier Archipelago is located to the southeast of the Tuamotu Archipelago. The Gambier Islands consist of four inhabited islands known as Mangareva as well as many uninhabited atolls. The islands have copra and coffee plantations and pearl fisheries.

Sports & Activities in Polynesia

French Polynesia has some beautiful beaches, lagoons and open ocean, and it's the water-based activities that most visitors come for. The region is a mecca for divers who come to see its rich and abundant marine life. Tahiti is the birthplace of surfing and there are popular breaks at Papenoo, Punaauia, and Paea.

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