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Australia Nuova Zelanda
Viaggi individuali Australia Viaggi di nozze Nuova Zelanda Viaggi di gruppo Viaggi subacquei
3.590,00 Euros 
August 2009
With escort from Italy
This option allows you to enjoy a different kind of holiday travelling throughout Australia and enjoying the famous and amazing fireworks on New Year's Eve in the bay of Sydney.
3.750,00 Euros 
December 2009 / January 2010

With escort from Italy
The best way to spend your Summer holidays. The better way to visit Australia during our summer time, travelling through some of the most famous and beautiful areas of Australia.

Starting from 1.638,00 Euros 
Group trips all the year
With escort in Australia
Those who are not able to benefit from our group trips to Australia with an escort from Italy, due to lack of time, can take advantage of this kind of travel plan throughout the year.

Group trips to Australia in Italian:

The perfect way to travel for those with limited English language skills and travel experience.
Our professional and reliable escorts will lead you on a trip of discovery round the most beautiful country in the world.

Season & climate in Australia:

Australia’s seasons are the opposite to ours and considering the great variety of climate you can choose between different itineraries and areas according to the season in which you want to travel.
This is the reason why we offer distinct travelling plans based on season, climate and services.


The travelling plans you can see on this web site are just an indication of what we can offer you.
If you can’t find what you are looking for, please contact us and we’ll draw up a detailed made to measure travelling plan based on your individual needs.

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